Wednesday, April 21, 2010

breakfast together

play dates-almost a year in America brings so many good friends

this is my friend Gavin
we are just a few weeks apart in age
we climbed in his bed and played, ha ha!
and had yummy snacks!

Every Wednesday I have a play date with Lily Grace Pierce!
I absolutely love playing with Lily! We chase each other, have snacks, take buggy rides, so many good times! I think if I had to choose now, I would choose Lily to marry. I mean, she is absolutely my favorite person! I get so excited every time her name is just mentioned! And she is the same about me!

i am soooo excited about Lily!

this is little Eric & little Ruston


aren't we so cute talking

saying goodbye is sooo hard :(
best of pals! I love you Lily!

this is my friend James

these are all 8 of us at James' house for a play date
kinda crazy, 8 kids 4 and under
Jo & Owen are best pals :)
Karlye 2 1/2, Lindsey 10 months, James 4 1/2, Issac almost 4, Karsten 1, Owen 2 1/2,
Josiah almost 2 1/2, Evie Joy 7 1/2 months
all of our daddy's grew up in church together :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

touring again...

MiMi gave us a coupon for some downtown Chattanooga fun so we went to Clumpie's for ice cream and hung out at Coolidge Park, where Mommy & Daddy got married i am happily eatting ice cream & reminding EJ that I am 'Big' and she cannot have any

we went to the zoo again with friends Hannah & Katilyn

i liked the camel, goats & pig :)
I also saw some cool jaguars!

here i am saying 'hello pig'
i really was into the pig

i wanted it to talk back like on word world
i went into the pig pen

as you can see :)...

it sure is fun touring your hometown
we love you Chattanooga!


This is me at Lapsit class at the library. This is my 3rd semester as a student. I love it! I like to play games on the computer :)

We sing songs, read books, make crafts...
this is me participating in Little Red Wagon

what a day

this is me, sweet little Evie Joy, after getting 4 immunizations, finally getting to nap & they stick this hot pack on my foot?! soon they wake me up & squeeze 3 vials of blood out of me- this was NOT fun :( i had a few doubts that i was called to go overseas but in the end, i endured and hopefully will enjoy the results of my hard work soonat 7 1/2 months Evie Joy weighed in at 15 pounds 14 ounces
measured 26 1/2 inches long

getting around...

this is me learning to crawl (7 1/2 months)- i'm getting into everything now! fun fun!

My favorite place to sleep

i love sleeping in the jogger- it is absolutely my fav! On a normal afternoon i will wake up from my nap after 45 min - 1 hour and then i get transferred into the jogger and happily fall back asleep. it is a crazy routine, but true and it works quite well for me! we just ordered a new jogger to take overseas with us and daddy is concerned i may not like it as much as this one...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

oh NO! Josiah found a new window

but this time he is at least playing during 'awake' time
josiah hopes you have a fun time in the window today too!

evie joy all smiles

this is an attempt to capture my sweet little girl
she actually smiles a lot and really big just like her big bro at her age, but we neglect getting as many shots with #2- on this day Jo had a playdate with MiMi so we were able to just get Evie Joy - the videos are pretty difficult, sorry, but the camera itself is such a distraction, as with big Bro, and we cannot capture the true treasure as in person- but hope you can enjoy

Thursday, April 8, 2010

What has Josiah been up to?

well Jo is 28 months and counting...he has been growing a lot these days. Other than hanging out in the window, he requested to go poo poo on the potty a few times. The first time was amazing because he actually went with no prior potty training- sure didn't know what to think about that- was hoping it was going to stick! Well, at least he is still requesting to try at least once a day. And he is just talking up a storm, repeating all sorts of stuff. He likes this "I spy" book he got for his bday and he'll say "I spy (item), Where is (item)?, there (item) is." It is really cute! And he reads books to me sometimes which i love! He is learning verses and bible stories and sings all the time. He is really into tunnels, rockets, building tunnels and rockets!

and climbing! this day, he just decided my back was like a set of stairs and he climbed right up like we were a cheerleading act or something! it was quite cute!
I love his sweet personality. He makes friends everywhere we go. He gives really sweet hugs and kisses and gets the best smiles and laughs out of his sister. He can count up to 17 that we know of. He loves doing puzzles, going to the playground, playing ball, dancing, Thomas the train, coloring, playdoh, music class- one thing i really love is hearing Eric reading Josiah his bible story every night. And then Eric says "Nightlight says..." and I hear Josiah answering Eric's questions. Eric is such a good teacher! And I love to hear them praying together.

Welcome to 7 months!

Auntie Michelle took this awesome shot of EJ during a playdate at her house! Well, Evie Joy has hit 7 months. Some things I just love about this little darling- the way she holds her leg up in the air when she is nursing- it is so cute and funny like when a dog is peeing or something :), i love how she grips my finger with her entire little hand to help her fall asleep, She says "Bro" all the time, we just smile at her without a peep and she will just giggle up a storm, i love how tough she is already to withstand her brother tackling and shoving and pushing her and her little determination in learning to do things- i pray God uses this to do great things in HIM, that she'll be determined to be no less than deep into HIM always! Evie Joy we love you! WE praise God you are our daughter and for precious moments with you and those yet to come!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bro-wer & Sissy

Evie Joy loves to play cars with Jo

MiMi got us these cute shirts that say
"Daddy and I agree Mommy's the boss!"

Evie Joy is 7 months and Josiah is 28 months