Sunday, January 5, 2014


So this is what Christmas looked like for my Jo and EJ, 6 and 4
The above picture was not planned, they were just all sitting and it was so cute, so i grabbed my camera but i took it real quick and um, it's blurry, so cute and random still
Christmas Eve Dinner

Our America friends and local friends came over to celebrate with us

Judah slept just 2 little peoples up early on Christmas morning! 
I love that they wore these pj's, Big Daddy bought those from them last Christmas!  So special
They loved their special gifts from MiMi and Poppe!  Busy books, Star Wars Leapster games, Evie Joy got a lot of projects!  

They received some special gifts from Uncle Travis, Aunt Rebeca, cousins Abigail and Alistair! 
Christmas breakfast with America friends!  
 Christmas Dinner with more local friends and America friends!

lots of little friends at our house!

 We were excellent helpers at the hotel Cmas party!  
We loved dancing with Daddy and helping lead the dancing! ha!

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