Monday, September 9, 2013

Judah 7 weeks

 Judah loves all the ladies holding him!
above, the beginnings of a smile!
below, first swim on EJ's 4th bday!  
 some of his first his McQueen outfit!  Everybody loves McQueen around here!

love this one i took below, he looks so much like me as a baby!
 I love these, this is a cute little outfit Mumaw gave Judah and he is all smiles here.  In the mornings he is so sweet, cooing and smiling.  I love it! 

We don't know exactly all his stats, we do know that he weighs over 14 pounds at 7 weeks :)  He is sleeping a good 7 hours straight at night!  Yay!  After a few fussy hours :(
Also, our favorite song is "My Judah bug, My Judah bug, ohh ohh My Judah bug!"

Judah's First Ride Thru the Mountains


Some of our closest, dearest friends were married recently and we were able to attend!  

Judah loved Ivan's mom!  And Milky was a big hit with Evie JOY!

Judah was 6 weeks old!