Saturday, October 31, 2009

Evie Joy & Denise

JO- 23 months, Denise 24 years, Evie Joy 8 weeks

Visiting Big Sister Denise in Wichita

every night i loved cuddling with Denise and watching the Poo movie
we went to the duck pond and the playground near her house

here, Denise & I tried to team up against Daddy at the Exploration Station

I even let Denise dress me up like a soldier or something :)

we went to the pumpkin patch & corn maze
i didn't know what we were suppose to do but Denise taught me how to find the perfect little pumpkin - it was so cute- the rest of the night i wouldn't let go of my pumpkin :)

I LOVE Harvey the bunny! We played chase & hung out a lot!

& Denise even taught me how to decorate my pumpkin
she's a great Big Sister!
I love you Deace!

Here we all are: Joel (Deace's husband), Sister Deace, me, Sister EvieJoy, Mommy & Daddy

Monday, October 26, 2009

what seems like a world tour...makin a single a double

we've been traveling- went to Philly to the wedding, went to NJ to see Rach and her precious family, went to Kansas to see our sweet grown daughter Denise & hubby Joel, now we are in Richmond visiting with Sheila and will be at meetings this week and top it off with a visit from lots and lots of flights we have had- Jo does airports well, much better than car seats and cars because he knows airports, what to expect, etc... more than car seats- people look at us a bit strange traveling with 2 children under the age of 2- well, we are a bit strange...but here people were complimenting us on our ingenuity - in making our single stroller a double :)

More of US at Elena & Peeps' Wedding

This is actually Elena & Peeps-
the rest of the pics are of US at their wedding :) this is me at the kiddy table :) MARKERS!

our friend Teresa took these pics of us, didn't know which one to post, so just posted all 3

i'm so cute with my baby sister
i've been giving her lots of kisses lately :)

pre-ceremony JO- running around, 2 suckers at one time

my Auntie Teresa played PLAYDOUGH with me during the ceremony
she rocks! these days i absolutely love PLAYDOUGH!

This is me looking so handsome in my outfit from Hong Kong
Jo (23 months) & Evie Joy (7 weeks)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wedding Dancin Jo

above- me and the bride- i got the next dance after the groom- oh yeah!
below- i actually was leading dances, yes really and it was so funny that mommy and daddy neglected getting the camera out at first because they were enjoying the moments all too much
as you can see, i made lots of dancing friends, taught a couple moves and learned a few too!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Growing & Smiling EJ

look how big i'm getting in my bassinet
& mommy thought this was a sweet face

this is an attempt to capture a cute smile :)
hopefully we can get more soon

packed for Peeps' wedding

yup, that's right, we leave tomorrow for Peeps' wedding! We cannot believe it! Wow! But we are so excited to see our friend and join in the celebrations! The pic is me in the pack n play mattress when we were trying a trial run of packing :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Evie Joy 6 weeks

me & daddy in Nashville, shared with some kids about China, but of course they were most interested in me :) she is definitely getting more alert, but still sleeping a good 20 hours a day
this is my Poppe!

& just like bro Jo, I like to lay on a mat with little or no clothes

Sunday, October 11, 2009

23 months old JO

this is me having fun at Playworld Down Under
the lady that worked there said she had 7 of her own grandkids but i was the cutest kid she'd ever seen and asked to keep me- mom didn't let her of course

this is my new bathtub at MiMi and Poppe's - i loved it!
these are my cool sneaks from Grandma McLane that light up

this is an attempt to record me at bedtime doing my routine:
bath, milk, story, brush teeth, pray

daddy taught me that after i brush teeth i need to run to the towel and wipe my face