Saturday, January 18, 2014

Serious Learners!

 We did indeed continue school in the month of December since we had taken 3 months off when we went to the states during the Summer and then another 2 weeks when Mommy had to take Judah to the hospital in no Christmas break for us, haha!
 The above picture is Josiah teaching Bible stories in his room to his student Kathy.  Evie Joy was joining in too.  
 Above, Josiah with Rain 
Below, with Beatrice 
both his Chinese tutors

 This is a group picture of all his students. 3 are HS girls that come each week, go directly back to his room, where he teaches them Bible stories and quizzes them.  He named them- Green, Silly and Smile. Kathy is a Senior this year at the college and is also one of his students recently!  

 Evie Joy playing dress up with other local kids in our home for Homeschool/Preschool

Evie Joy loves Projects!  So Mommy has to prepare special projects for her to keep her busy!
Evie Joy and Josiah have enjoyed doing a lot of puzzles with Daddy this month.  Here is one of the Nativity they did together!  
It's Cold and Wet Outside a lot so we come up with creative ways to get some energy out!  Here, we are playing HopScotch inside!  We began watching this Mathtacular video and the kids love all the fun learning ideas on it, HopScotch being one of them :)

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