Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

fun fun fun time in the Smoky's with Rach and family

i am posting all of these because i never ever want to forget how AWESOME GOD is in how He gave us the gift to spend several days with my college roommate and God-send of a best friend to help me begin becoming a woman of God- God is so good and we praise you God for giving us this time together with Rach and John, Emma, Johnny & Myatt!
Evie Joy & Myatt best buddies! Myatt is 11 months, EJ 6

Johnny & Emma loving on EJ

me and Rach and all our kids!

Johnny (4 1/2) & Jo (2 1/2)

lots of fun!

this hike got to be a bit rough for Jo so he ended up in the baby carrier! but we still enjoyed the good outdoors- love you JO!

Emma & Jo on break

Mommy & EJ


Daddy & Jo

John carrying Myatt & Johnny!

Daddy, Jo & Rach
fun in the hot tub & pool

Rach & Emma hiking in the Smoky's

Daddy & Jo shake, high 5, knuckle...


family shot- hiking in the Smoky's 2010
Johnny & Jo on the trail

Johnny, Jo, Emma rock climbing!

Emma 7, Johnny 4 1/2

thank you Rachel, John, Emma, Johnny & Myatt for sharing your vacation with us!

things we hear all the time

josiah is always saying "Come here Mommy, come here Daddy"

Evie Joy says "ba, bro...even bro-wer" as her first word- no, not mama, dada, but BRO! guess who her favorite is!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Evie Joy & Jo go to the Circus & Play Outside

whelp, this is us with Grandma Betty- we weren't allowed to take pics at the circus & so these are the only pics we got! But, we had lots of fun! Thank you Grandma Betty!

Evie Joy & Jo love going for walks & runs wtih Mommy!

baseball & crazy crawling fun!

Evie Joy 6 1/2 months

i love going for buggy rides!
got a little sunburn from playing in the fun warm weather!

funny face!


check out my cheeks!

fun fun!

simply cute!

all bundled up! love playing with the Thomas cup!