Thursday, February 28, 2013

Evie Joy learns a little here and there...

 Evie Joy's doggie is one the Left above
 Learning a little Chinese with playdoh
making Valentines Day cookies!
 learning our verse songs with all my many pandas! 
 Above, Evie Joy's hand print heart and below, another cut and paste heart she made!  She loves cutting and pasting projects, spends like 4 hours a day on projects!
 Below, Painting Evie Joy!
 Evie Joy loves working on her big book, a huge Preschool School Box book our friends sent us!  It keeps her busy when Josiah has work to do in his workbook!

Evie Joy is such a smart little cookie :)  She sits in most days with Josiah reading his chapter books and she will quickly and correctly answer the reading comprehension questions. Then later in the day, she will come back to me and discuss the story, remembering the littlest detail.  At first, she didn't really show any interest in Math but the past 2 weeks she has been participating more and more and doing quite well for 3 1/2!  Although some days she says Mommy School makes me too tired and she goes and plays dress up with her animals by herself :) 

February Homeschooling...

SCIENCE...made snakes, learning how the heated air causes them to move :)
please note and love that most of the time we are having class in our pj's :)
 In one of our Chinese books it gave us instructions how to make a dog :)
 Class time with our pandas!  This is actually part of our bible class. We have a verse and song each week that corresponds with the letter of the week- so far we have memorized up to the letter H song and verse.  We love these verse songs!  We walk around singing them all day long!
 We made Valentines Day cookies!  Mostly we made Lightning McQueen car cookie cut outs but Mommy made a few hearts :)!
 Josiah's heart fingerprints!
 Josiah made these on his own for fun.  I thought they were so cute and good.  Mr. Incredible, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan
 Chinese Class!  Our friend Rain comes over 2x/week to tutor us.  It is so fun that recently the kids, exp Jo, is putting sentences together and paragraphs and stories in Chinese! 

Handwriting Class!  
More Chinese with playdoh and tools! 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

beans, rocks, bouncin good times!

random beans out front that we enjoy playing in! almost like a sandbox?!

fun times climbing at the rock park!  our fav! it's just a 20 minute walk from our house and usually not too crowded.  we love the freedom to explore and run and climb!
 proud climbers!

 the found a fun hill to slide down!

 a 15 minute walk away we found a fun jumping playground! 
i loved it that they were playing with friends this day-
sometimes that is really hard work to find kids willing to play and make the effort
but we keep trying!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

tool happy!

Josiah was so excited to use Daddy's real hammer and tools to help with a project!  :) 

Duck Soup

Thursday, February 14, 2013

cheesin it cute josiah!

i was taking pics of artwork and josiah was like, mommy take my picture :)  i just did to appease him but he is so stinkin cute when he wants to be!  he's been having a really difficult time re-adjusting to life, language, culture, lack of family, friends over here so these pictures are a good reminder of his true sweetness behind all the acting out!  love this kid!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

some of Evie Joy's Learning projects!

 Evie Joy loves projects!  She wants to do cut and paste projects all day long!  It is quite a mess around here some days :)  Above, is her Rectangle Robot she cut out and pasted together! 
 We have these fun Usborne Science Experiment Books- the snake was a fun recent project because it is Chinese New Year- the Year of the Snake!  We saw how the heat moved the snake
 This is Evie Joy's Grape Man!  I think she does so good for a 3 year old cutting!
 Jo's K curriculum has a verse for every week that corresponds with a letter for the week.  Evie Joy's verses are copied on the bottom right above.  A- All have sinned, B-Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved, C-Children Obey your parents!  They love the songs that sing each verse.  Evie Joy is not really into writing her letters too much but she does really well at reading comprehension.  I read chapter books, Bible stories and geography and history books and when i ask the comprehension questions she usually is quick to answer before Josiah. 
 Evie Joy wanted to draw a flag of Africa, so we picked out an easy one- Boswana, above on the Left
Below she copied her numbers!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Evidences of SchoolWork

I haven't been keeping up with all that we have been doing for school with Chinese Preschool, English Kindergarten and a Chinese tutor...I've managed to capture a few pics here and there the past 2 months...this month i already have taken more ha, but they aren't on the computer yet!
 Above is a Frog Josiah had to cut and paste like a puzzle to make the picture correct- he has come a long way with his cutting!  Below is something he made at Chinese Preschool- i don't know what it is, it was cute and fell apart easily so i snapped a pic.
 I brought back some Christmas story coloring pages for the kids classmates.  I was encouraged to find this below in Jo's backpack, that his class actually took the time to color the nativity picture in class!
 Above, is a whole collection of pictures on our frig from Josiah, some from our Children's Bible stories and others he drew on is own at class in Chinese Preschool- I know the one on the bottom right his teacher was so excited about that she told him to draw a house and his sister using Chinese and he understood and drew those things!
 Our K curriculum includes a verse for every letter, they love that and the songs that go with each letter singing the verse.  They practiced writing out the verses above.
 They love looking at this Atlas I bought used for 85 cents!  Josiah drew the China flag and Evie JOy the one from Boswana! 
Above,  Josiah drew this at Chinese Preschool, I forget what it was suppose to be!
Below,  we were learning about the way the Romans cooked.  There was a recipe in our school book and Josiah wanted to try it.  I think more so because the book said when they were finished eating at their feasts, they burped to show the food was we made this fried bread and dipped it in honey and he kept trying to burp!  ha!