Monday, July 16, 2012

Sometimes, We travel the world....

Skittles for take off and landing help with little ones ears!

They each carry a tool box with a few toys they can play with while waiting in line, in the airport, car, bus, on the plane...also the tool boxes are excellent for sitting!  Here they are sitting on their tool boxes while riding on the airport shuttle!  They like to sit under the handicap sign because there is even a seat belt! 

Wedding Kids!

Last week we attending one of our good pal's weddings!  Don't we look so pretty and handsome?! 

I love these faces!  They made up a fun game- Evie Joy sits on Josiah and would flip over him off the chair, then he'd flip off the chair over her on the floor!  It kept them busy while Mama packed! 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Evie Joy's Xiao Xiao Ban Finale!

Evie Joy wanted to make her teachers blue flowers! 

She wanted to take a nap this day with Xi Xi Mei Mei the teachers tell they let her share a bed with Xi Xi Mei Mei :)  Josiah loves to go back and help pick her up! 

Evie Joy with Po Po, Yu Laoshi and Lu Laoshi!  These ladies have a super hard job.  Po Po has to clean up after all the split pants kids and dump the pee and poop buckets and blow dry the pee pants...Lu and Yu Laoshi both have 25 kids every day of the year (except Chinese New Year), no holidays for them.  They never move up with older kids- they stay with the peeing and crying kids!  Everyday when i take EJ or pick her up there are at least 5 kids crying.  Anyways there job is super hardcore but they are always sweet and extra kind to Evie Joy and she has loved being apart of their class!

ending up Chinese Preschool

Josiah wanted to give his teachers flowers so he made them each a flower picture using his hand cut-outs!

Josiah with his teachers Qin Laoshi and Chen Laoshi- Qin Laoshi has been his teacher for 4 semesters now!  He adores her! 

I found these in his backpack!  Apparently he did these in class!  I thought they were cute!
some kind of animal and a face around the animal?

i thought this helicopter was pretty good!
a rainbow and i'm not sure!
i see a house to the left and then like a huge crown overtaking it? 

looks like a pigs face- cute!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Little June Learning...

Practicing our Chinese while making shapes in the shaving cream!

Practiced Colors and about rainbows- cai hong- in Chinese!  You can tell which ones are Evie Joy's and which ones are Jo's haha!  I love that Jo was so creative even making one of his rainbows a circle rainbow!
Learning that making tracks is xiu lu in Chinese!  And learning other important things like how to say the truck crashes!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Jo's VBS crafts!

love they are wearing their goggles in the pic!

love this one of his hands and the world!  It says God can change the world! 

And this creation booklet was so cool!  i am saving it to review with!
I take pics because we really don't save many craft projects so i just want the kids to have a keepsake memory on here :)

Joisah loved him some VBS!

As you see everyone is pretty focussed except Josiah is too busy socializing!
After each song he and his bff Lydia would do this crazy laugh together

he and his best pal Lydia! 

These are of the finale VBS performance- you can see Josiah is such a little entertainer!  All the teachers kept saying all week how they loved this about him! haha!  We say he is so much like his Big Daddy! 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

EJ VBS crafies

 this is EJ's little class of older 2 year olds! 
 she and Jo both loved these Aviation goggles! still wearing them around!
 above- she painted some kind of planes
below- her creation pictures!
And this clip fish!  i thought it was cute so took a pic!  i'm sure it's taken apart only to be found in several different locations!