Sunday, January 17, 2016

the Littles Love

 Judah is so tempted by snaps, snaps, snaps!  

 Judah's trying to help him learn how to crawl! 

Sweetie Love

Jo & Elijah


Baby 6 months Part 2

 I'm starting to eat! I was not a huge fan at first…some oatmeal…but i am enjoying sweat potatoes, rice cereal, applesauce, blueberries and bananas!

 I'm rolling…I get very frustrated because i have no idea what to do with myself once i roll! except roll back, ha!

 this is blurry but i love his little smile at me!

 loves buggy rides…
and so cute in overalls!

 a friendly fella!

 Judah loves to care for baby…sometimes he gives him toys he can't play with like the sword!

 rolling frustration...

 love my Big Brother...
 so cute at the market!

 first try at oatmeal not a huge fan and refuses with formula, only likes with Mommy's milk!

 check out my cute batman shoes!

 I love my toes!

 still super cute sleeping!
WE will go soon for shots and a weigh-in!  He is napping much better, normally 1-2 hour and 1-1 hour, sometimes 2-1 hour naps!  He is getting more and more content not being held, bounced…likes to look at books, play with his toys, jump in jumper, sit in swing and watch baby Einstein, sit in Bumbo and play, loves watching the bigs play!