Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Learning Fun!

This is our second Semester of Kindergarten Home School for Josiah, Evie Joy is working her way up to K, last Semester she was still in 'PreSchool' but now is in 'Pre K'
I love this first picture of them- it is one of their first official days back. They dressed themselves- Josiah is in what he calls his Kungfu outfit and Evie Joy is a rainbow of sorts! They are pictured in Math class working on an AABB pattern!
 After our Sunday Bible story, Josiah made this mini book all on his own, I thought it was so sweet how he did it on his own, no prompting and how he including words to describe the progression of the story.
This is our Schedule!  :)  Wish that schedule maker could clip art a little better, ha!  But this is the schedule we have followed for some time, but we have it in writing to help the kids pay attention and practice telling time and what to expect next. 

 We shared sometime back how Daddy was trying to teach a little about the solar system so here Josiah drew some kind of outer space.  there are stars, countries America, Africa and China, the moon.  God is beside the stars...He made it all...Anyways, he learned a few things from Daddy's lesson!
 Evie Joy loves learning.  Here she and I are multi-tasking, doing some lessons while working in the kitchen!
Above is a picture Evie Joy colored during Sunday Bible time.  I love how she colored brown mud on the blind man's face!
Above, We love pb and celery as a snack!  
Below, Josiah after eating some Rainbow Sugar we made in Science class!  
It was suppose to take 3 days for the water to evaporate but it took like 2 weeks since it is so moist here! But at least we had plenty of days to practice saying 'evaporate!' 

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