Monday, September 9, 2013

Judah 7 weeks

 Judah loves all the ladies holding him!
above, the beginnings of a smile!
below, first swim on EJ's 4th bday!  
 some of his first his McQueen outfit!  Everybody loves McQueen around here!

love this one i took below, he looks so much like me as a baby!
 I love these, this is a cute little outfit Mumaw gave Judah and he is all smiles here.  In the mornings he is so sweet, cooing and smiling.  I love it! 

We don't know exactly all his stats, we do know that he weighs over 14 pounds at 7 weeks :)  He is sleeping a good 7 hours straight at night!  Yay!  After a few fussy hours :(
Also, our favorite song is "My Judah bug, My Judah bug, ohh ohh My Judah bug!"

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