Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick ot Treat Mommy-Chinese style

Josiah saw that Halloween was today on his calendar so he asked if we could dress up, I said of course! So i took them out for trick or treating of sorts ha! 
Josiah asked me if others would also be dressed up, i said no! ha
I said we'd go to 5 stores and pick out a candy from each to put in our star wars cups, 
he said well in America, we go to people's houses, ha!  
He really wanted to hand candy out, which is sweet, but we didn't, we just went to 5 shops and entertained lots of people a long the way and they said they had a good time!  
Josiah was Mr. Incredible, 
Evie Joy Captain America
Judah Chewbacca
Mommy Han Solo
Daddy Captain America

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