Monday, October 14, 2013

A little studying here and there!

 Above, they are so funny.  They woke up in playing Star Wars mode so Evie Joy says she has to wear a Star Wars shirt to play Star Wars, ha!  Here they are tracing and cutting out characters to play with!
Below, Josiah has really grown in reading and he 'teaches' Evie Joy a little of what he knows!  She wants so bad to be able to read like her brother and it is so sweet that he really tries to help her...they were waiting for me one morning to get started and i caught them reading together like this:
i love this pic of Evie Joy, she has painted nails, a Toy Story shirt and is playing Batman Legos!
Above is Josiah's Joker- love it!
Below, After the Bible story about King Josiah, Josiah made this:
Josiah is for King Josiah, 3 is for 3 more Kings after him, the crown is for Jesus, the True King 
Evie Joy is working on her Kindergarten level workbook!   That girl loves to study!
And sometimes they just take a break and get into Super Hero mode!  LOVE these kids!

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