Sunday, October 13, 2013

A few definitions I want to remember

Recently when teaching the kids we've used a few  definitions I want to keep:

HOLY- special, set apart and NO sin

REPENT- truly sorry in your heart, say you are wrong and choose to obey, do the right thing

HUMBLE- say you do wrong

Also, Daddy explained an object lesson that has really spoken to Josiah:
 he is made in His image with his mind, poured ink on a paper, had him do fingerprint, said our sin is black stuff on our heart, we have God's fingerprint on our heart and if we sin, it puts black stuff and then people can't see his fingerprint. but the ink on our hands we use soap and water to get it off, but the black on our heart only Jesus' blood can wash it away... he has been thinking about this so now when he is kind it is showing God's fingerprint to people and if he sins it is putting black stuff on his heart

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