Saturday, February 18, 2017

Sweet Potato Picking With Friends Part One

 this post is a long time coming, haha…and even though some of these are blurry i wanted to save them for the kids because they will remember hiking through the bush and playing with their friends on the mountain slope and digging out huge sweet potatoes with their hands!

 i was trying to document us in the bush…i have no idea why but the baby and i were somehow in the front of the pack trying to clear the path for the rest ….
below is a beautiful view of our friend's backyard full of sweet potato crops! 

 our friend is awesome! so Proverbs 31! digging in the fields in her dress!

 Elijah and Judah were all about walking around and around the lake to see the ducks!

 my friend takes much better pics than I do! 

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