Friday, February 3, 2017

Family Christmas!

 The kids each got a new outside toy! Fun Fun! 
 Elijah mostly enjoyed the boxes sent from America! 

 Josiah was so happy about receiving his turtle van!
And EJ more students for her to teach!
 Judah was all about the chocolate!

 They were so excited to give Scott their gifts they made!

 Josiah made EJ a Spiderman house (shown on his head!)
 They participated in lots of Christmas parties, baked, painted lots of cookies!
Acted out the Christmas play with Daddy! 

 They made lots of handmade gifts and handed them out to almost 100 people the week of Christmas! We had a special Homeschool focus that week on loving others, serving, gifting in Jesus name! 

 Judah was all about eating the cookies!
 They made nativities and gave them out to local shop owners! It was cute to see them hanging in the shops!

 They themselves decorated the tree!
 They made Judah a rocket! 
 Evie Joy made Daddy a lot of cinnamon roles! 

 Judah loved making glitter crosses to hang on the tree and gift!

 They had a few special friends attend our annual hotel Christmas party! 

 Beautiful Evie Joy in her Christmas dress!
 Elijah was a big hit with the ladies!

 Josiah reading his story he wrote and gifted Daddy…something about Ninja Turtle and Spiderman

 Elijah all about the box!
 Judah loves Scott!
 Evie Joy & Scott made oreo balls!

 we had some nice weather a few days after Christmas so we were able to enjoy our new rides!

 still loving the boxes, ha! Judah said he wanted to be mailed to MiMi!

 a few more shots from hotel party...

 we made all these ornaments on the tree as gifts for all the guests!
 Judah sat on stage eating a sucker the entire time the choir sang…we have no idea why nor did we know what to do….so there he sat...
 Daddy was Santa for Joy School's party in the park 
and Evie Joy was his helper! 

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Mimi and Poppe Rymer said...

What a wonderful Christmas season for you all! Lots of sharing and lots of fun! Love, love, love it!!!