Saturday, February 18, 2017

Judah Nov & Dec School

I love this picture of him walking home from Preschool!  He looks so sweet and big!  This path we call the "bird house" path because there is one porch that holds like 30 pigeons and we look forward to passing by! 
 Evie Joy does "English" learning lessons with Judah every morning before he heads off to Chinese Preschool!

 I'm pretty impressed with his skating!  Didn't know he had that in him at 3! yay Judah!
 A friend went fishing before coming to my house so she gave us the fish.  Luckily my other friend offered to kill and cook the fish for me! But everyday since Judah is obsessed with my friend killing the fish since he saw it firsthand.  We walk by this little restaurant on the way home many days and he loves to stop and look at their fish and talk about YoYo killing the fish at our house! 

 so cute walking home in his rain boots!
 It rained super hard one day, so much this huge toad, what we call a frog was misplaced…so since then Judah talks daily about the place where we saw the frog! ha! 
 Learning with EJ! Working on ABC's and letters of his name! 
 this is Judah at School! They send daily videos to all the parents!  He enjoys class overall! He doesn't' speak a lot of Chinese and he fusses when it is time to go, but he participates and enjoyed the learning activities! 

 Cute walking home with EJ one day!
 And a few cute ones of him playing! 

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