Friday, February 17, 2017

Baby Baby 18 AND 19 months!

2 month cute baby recap! 

 loves dress up

 check out my chopstick skills! 

 these ladies were so into me on Christmas!  i mean i am pretty CUTE! 

 Judah was so sweet to watch me while Mommy cooked Christmas dinner! 

 I love his little curls!
 Another lady wanted a pic with me! 
 Mimi sent us yummy bars for Christmas! 
 cutie outside! 

 playing crazy jumping games with Judah

 sweeping! ha! 

 not letting Evie Joy get her work done! 
 above, I'm holding glowworm…i love that thing, it was EJ's when she was a baby! And i just love it, sleep with it every night! so sweet! 
 baths are fun with Judah! 

 fun outside with my brother and a ball!

 I think i'm roaring or something funny here! 

 hahaha trying to stop brother from doing his work!
 doing some tricks with Ayr-rah! 

 playing with my friend MuYi!

eating breakfast with my new sister "Grace" what I call her

suppose to be putting the puzzle together! 

 apples for snack with Grace and EJ!

 Grace has taught me everything i need to know about brushing my teeth! 
 We love watching Baby Einstein 

 selfie photo bomb of Mommy & Grace exercising! 

 magnet learning with Grace

 music fun with Grace! 
 snack time!
 when the bigs go away, we play! 
i love his cute smile here! 

 love looking out the window and playing in the window! 
 buggy ride!
 yay! sunny day! 

 Snack time! 
Fun time! 

 We love boxes! 

 Aren't I so cute all matchy matchy with the sisters!

 some kind of super hero!

 Our friends came to visit…fun times! 
 i love wearing this Thomas costume! And i am so cute all my little expressions! 

 he is cutting at least 1 tooth if not more, this is #6 or 7 i think! 
 above, beating up on brother and below, Larry! 

 Chewy and Larry! 
 so cute! love this guy!
 He loves his Judah & Grace! 

 so so handsome! 
 Grace is telling him no no about something! 
 super cute little guy! 

 love playing with my Daddy, Mommy just doesn't get it! 
I am so cute, in the morning i wake up just jabbering along in my bed…I talk about a bath, watch show, go bye bye, eat…i am so funny! I am obsessed with choo choo!  i call everything that moves a choo choo! I'm always getting in trouble for throwing something, pushing a button i shouldn't, tackling someone i shouldn't! oh my! what a cute mess i am!  My favorite foods are bbq crock pot chicken and eggs!

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