Friday, February 3, 2017

November & December School

 I like to include Educational Activities in "School" posts…
so above, Evie Joy is completely a puzzle with Daddy
they are puzzle partners!
And below, Josiah is prepping the recycling! 

 busy at work at their desks!
 We are still storying through the Bible with our friends

 And climbing trees!

 We did a little School on the road!
 They drew pictures and wrote Poppe birthday cards! They tried to do a really neat job!

 More Chinese! 

 And Climbing! 

 hahaha Mommy sure looks funny!
Her helper is cute!

 Love this random hug Mommy photo!
 had a little fun playing at the playground!

 There was at least one good week of lots of cold rain…we got creative and played soccer in the hallway!

 Evie Joy's very last assignment for 2nd Grade Language Arts was to write and perform her own play!
It was so cute…she made these little finger puppets! 

 Josiah was excited to get on some action with the straw weaving!
 more straw weaving!

 Evie Joy trying to do her Schoolwork stuck in a room with the baby!
 Baby tackling Evie Joy while trying to do her School work near him! Bless her!

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Mimi and Poppe Rymer said...

Lots of creativity going on in your world! Love it! I really like how you play so well together!