Monday, November 7, 2016

October School!

If it's raining or we just need to get some energy out, we've been doing 10 minute workouts! 

Ej had to write a Thank you note, she choose to write one to Josiah, it was sweet! 
Not School, but aren't they all sweet riding together! 


Doing all kinds of age appropriate School! 

Josiah is so good about his daily Bible reading! 

Characters! Ah!

I tried to deliver this month and fulfill EJ's request for pics of them doing School in the School room- so here you go! And I did manage to get in a few of the past few month's sketches which i hadn't been faithful to upload...

I loved how pretty EJ wrote her verse out! 
Josiah's coloring of an Indian! 
so this sketch is totally upside down, i don't know how to flip it around…but it's of Lewis & Clark & Thomas Jefferson! 
Above, Omkastoe
Below, From Science: the Thermometer, we made our own in an experiment! 

We use Sonlight for our Historical Fiction read-alouds! I loved how they wove in the story of how normal men and women fought and won the Revolutionary War…here is a picture of "that all men may stand"…the reason they had to fight for freedom because noone should be slaves/subjects to a nation they have no say in the decisions, etc…I really enjoyed studying and reading from the perspective of those ordinary people who risked and gave up their lives for our freedom and not for ours only but for the ideas of why we should be a free nation! 
more thermometers! 
Loved EJ's sketch of Romans 8:28
This is from the "Witch of Blckbird Pond" also very insightful of the
 fear of religious differences of any kind
EJ drew about  her trip to the orphanages

They both had to memorize a historical speech-
Evie Joy choose Paul Revere's Ride: YOu can watch here:

Josiah choose Patrick Henry's speech:

Above Paul Revere!
Below: Men everywhere to STand Up!

As promised, my cute view in the School Room! 

WE have such a kind Preschool here in our complex! 
Evie Joy attended the oldest class 2 years!
And now they invite Josiah and Evie Joy to come back whenever they like!
Most Fridays they attend craft time!
Above, they made these Peacocks! 
Pics of Storying through the Bible in Chinese! 

Other times when we pick Judah up at lunchtime we stay and play!

We love playing with our friend Duo Jia also! 
She comes 1-2x a week and EJ goes to her house 1x each week!
This day we had a little friend join us so we spent a lot of time doing playdoh and puzzles! 
Evie Joy put this puzzle together with her Dad!
And below, they are beginning a new one!

Josiah always help prepare the recycling for a sweet elderly lady to pick up!
School Room cuties!
We've been storying in English and Chinese the story of Joseph! 

This is how we do School on the go! 

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Mimi and Poppe Rymer said...

Wow! Busy month for you guys! Love how much you are learning and that you can do school at home, on the go, in the park, on the bus - wherever you are! Such smart kidos!and creative Mommy!