Thursday, November 17, 2016

Baby Baby 16 months!

Okay, so here is recap Elijah 14 1/2 months until 16 months! 
I loved this first pic…
it was a holiday and we were at a local friends home for a meal
this was her Grandfather, very old village man visiting
and Elijah hugged him several times, just precious! 

 We went on a few outings with friends…
he was kinda stuck in the backpack while fishing!

 buggy ride cuteness!

 noodle eating cuteness!
 playing at an indoor playground…of course EJ is too good to him!

 crazy silly pics with Mom! 

 Big Sis EJ spoils him so much playing with him! 
He adores her!

 He loves to play peek-a-boo

 Judah has matured a lot playing with little brother! 
Yay for that! 
They are becoming good good friends!

 Elijah loves playing with these colored dominoes, sorting, dumping...

 Blowing a kiss!
 His first trip to the ride rides park!

 Super Determined little rock climber!
Judah at his age would be content just running around the path-
not Elijah, he was determined to climb the rocks with the Bigs!

 he was doing "School" with Judah dumping the sorting vehicles! 
 too cute self-ie with Brother
 too cute playing hide and seek with Muyi and learning to "color" a little!

 I know these are blurry but they are so sweet! 
He kept going up to EJ and hugging her!

 And Judah got a few hugs!
 Super Cute Rock Climber!

 He was praising Jesus to the Silverdale Preschool dvd!
If we say Hallelujah, he raises his hands like this
I love it!
 more hide-and-seek in the curtain!

 these pics crack me up of him outside making friends, posing for shots!

 too funny, check out those hands on his back posing!
 He loves to play at Judah's Preschool's playground 
so a day or 2 a week i try to go a little early and let him run around and play
 he was so finny  here kicking "Spring"
 learning to play with "snow"
 He loves reading the book of pictures with him
 Blurry but too cute!

 Fun in the village!

 loves banging on pans!

 loves Dinosaurs! he is too cute roaring at them! 

 Running with Mom, ha!
 Playing in the window with his little friend! 

 WE found a fun playground down the street! 

So what has been going on in Elijah's world?! 
He does sign "more"
says Daddy, Mama, bye-bye
loves animal sounds- excellent "quacker", "roars" a lot
working on "woof" 
his routine for about a month was up at 5/6 am, would suckle Mommy milk for about 45 minutes
then we would read over and over and over "God made me" book. It was actually quite sweet, like a morning devotion…Then about 2 weeks ago, he began changing up a bit, where he decided he liked Veggie Tales book better and a few others…so this past week he has been sleeping until 6/7 and not drinking Mommy's milk! He immediately points to the door to go eat/drink.  This routine is much easier for Mommy but this last month was a sweet transitional goodbye to our breast feeding! 16 months is a good stopping place for us! He seems to eat more now and that is good! And he sleeps in longer, also good! Currently his favorite book to read is this really simple book of beginner words with pictures of 10 beginner words.  He looks at it over and over several times a day and quacks at most pictures, ha! He also enjoys many other books too! 
He's got some cute little curls in the back of his head!
He loves grapes, peanut butter sandwiches, goldfish crackers,banana pudding,waffles, bacon, bbq! 
The bacon and bbq crack me up, none of my kids have been meat eaters but this kid- he loves 2 chewy meats that my Bigs have just began eating! 
He still only has 6 teeth, ha!
He loves to wrestle and giggle and be tickled! 
He loves baths! 
We love him! 
Happy 16 months Elijah!

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Mimi and Poppe Rymer said...

Elijah! Wow, what a big boy you are becoming! Climbing rocks, playing and making friends! Love the hands on the back pose for pictures - too cute!! We love you and can't wait for you to get to know us as well!