Sunday, November 6, 2016

Love About Evie Joy!

 My girl has matured so so much! I just love her! She is truly one of my best friends in this house of boys! She rarely ever needs discipline! She mostly has it together! She did have a few rough weeks back in the Sprint and I loved it that when we got to the point of "Do you need a spank?" She would say "No, I'll be the Sweetie!" And immediately she was the perfectly compliant Sweetie! Also, if she is struggling, if i hold her and love her, she normally will be prompted quickly to repent! I love her heart change and ability and need and method to hold her to repentance!
One day she went to time out and read verses on her wall and wrote them out and prayed them…she said "That's what the Sweetie does!"  I love her growing sensitive heart to the Lord!

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