Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Some Recent Learning Pics!

 We taught our local friends all about outside water play!  

 I love Evie Joy's thank you letter to MiMi! I think she did a great job!
 Above, playing Spot It with our friends using Chinese and English, below learning some English and Chinese with our friends Duo Jia & De Sheng

 Practicing Chinese characters with shaving cream!
 WE love learning Chinese songs about Jesus! 

 Evie Joy at morning exercises at local Preschool

 learning about the Armor of God

 Learning Playtimes at our house- above with littles and below with older kids

 trying to teach our friends Duck, Duck, Goose but the whole chasing in a circle thing was confusing!
We are officially half way through our First and Second Grade…Josiah is doing great learning multiplication, I just can't believe he is learning that already! And Evie Joy is pretty much a more fluent reading than I am, no lie! She's an Awesome little 5 year old reader!
Reading Narnia on the bus!  

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