Saturday, May 23, 2015

Some of the Sweetie Evie Joy

i just love this girl! Batman on a scooter! 
Climbing Rocks! 
 And beautiful rainbow toes!
She is so amazingly smart! She loves to help…she helps do the dishes, take care of Judah, shop, loves to make conic bags for sick kids and hand them out, telling them that Jesus Loves them!  She helps me prepare and teach lessons…she actually plans lessons for her stuffed animals way better than I do for her and Jo…she is my easiest child at the moment!  I never thought that would happen…she use to be such a pistol with her fits!  But now she is so focussed and determined, always learning and growing with unending projects…she almost knows more Chinese than I do and sometimes she can read more of the English textbooks than i can! She is just Awesome! Sometimes I forget she is still only 5 years old!  Love my Evie Joy!

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