Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Judah 22 months! woo hoo!

 chasing butterflies! 
 love me some water play!

 riding the bus, getting much better at not screaming the entire time! 
 love me some river play!
 decided i wanted to join Rarr Rarr's class for a bit!
 so brother and sister dressed me up as Edmond I think…they put this crown on me, it fell off my head like so and i just kept it on following them around playing ha!
 ohhh homemade snow play fun!
 i was ant searching and killing...

 love swimming! 

 and sand! except rashes from it :(

 love me some balls!  here i am throwing a football, pretty good throw i got!

 Daddy got me to sleep on the bus!!!! woo hoo!

 This is the bird house that we pass everyday on the way to and from Rarr RArr's School!  I love stopping and watching the birds! 
 ugh, this is me above learning a little of a Bible story! I am growing at sitting and listening to a story/book, especially at night…I am more willing/tired and realize that if i'm well behaved during reading time, Mommy is a sucker for letting me stay up later! 

 I love Brother to swing me and play with me!  We love to play swords together too!

 Fun running around at the Rock Park! 

 I love these pics with Judah and Daddy! So Sweet!

 Judah is really into playing cars…hours a day! 
He is finally getting over watching the Kid's Music videos all day and is pretty busy playing cars and trains for hours! 
 Poor guy, look what Sissy did to me!

This kid is too funny…loves being outside! Still doesn't say too much!  He is very sweet and affectionate so much more so than my older kids at his age.  He loves music and dancing, so fun! He unfortunately likes eating markers and crayons, ugh…not good! He is very personable, loves people, blows sweet kisses, loves his family lots, isn't too overly possessive of Mommy now and allows other family members to sit next to her ha!

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