Saturday, May 23, 2015

All 3 Snug as a Bug Together!

 I just love these kids! They are so sweet and precious, gracious, funny…they love one another so much and are the besets buddies!  I am so blessed!
 I love Evie Joy sporting her Star Wars dress with a football in hand! ha!

 Evie Joy & Josiah wanted to make "I Love Mommy" shirts on Mother's Day!
 they love the river! I cried watching them play thinking about playing in the river myself as a little girl!
 they are so helpful with Judah!  here they are helping him behave in a taxi! 
and it finally hit 90 a few days so we went to the big pool for a swim, a little cold but a nice break! They loved this raft, called it their boat! Even let me ride on it with them and relax! 

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