Monday, May 21, 2012

pics with old friends!

It was super awesome to run into our old Kiwi friend who was just passing through town at the same time we were! Here is our Miao friend with 2 people from her home village- the boy had severe burns a year ago and has been healing remarkably! 
This is our dear friends' wife and baby!  WE were so blessed to meet them!

Our friend who also use to be our teacher! 
EJ and Josiah loved seeing their friend!

hahaha josiah is cracking me up here the way he is looking at L
This is our old helper JOY!   She use to help clean- and oh did she ever work so hard and make so little and did such a good job!  Now she has her own business and is doing great!  The last time she saw Jo he was only 18 months old! 

Josiah use to play with this little girl whose Mommy is a shoe-shiner on the street- anyways, Josiah was super sweet but the girl was super shy! 
We sure wished the camera would have cooperated here for a picture but here is a gift we received from this sweet family!  They own a little dish shop we'd eat at from time to time.  They still had a picture of us eating at their restaurant 3 years ago!  They were so excited to see us!
This is Koolaide- the drink guy across from where we use to live!  His son is now 6!  Wow!  We enjoyed playing at their shop and on the sidewalk in front of their shop for a bit, where Mommy and DAddy once performed "Long Black Train!" 
We feel so blessed to have gotten to visit with old friends!  We are thankful for our new friends and the city we live in now, but we will always hold dear our first home in China! 

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Mimi and Poppe Rymer said...

You are very blessed indeed!!! You have so many friends everywhere you go!!!