Monday, May 7, 2012

dinner at a friends!

 we have a few families we are really enjoying in the city these days- there is a young couple whose house we went to recently- we were their very first house guests to have for dinner- they invited a few other families too- they have lived there for 5 years and we were their first guests they cooked for- they have a little 2 year old boy- normally a couple lives with at least one of their parents and the grandparents do the cooking while the young couple works- this couple lives separately from the grandparents but in the same city and the grandparents still normally provide most meals while they work- just a little info :)
 jo enjoyed a game of magnetic darts!
 they actually had play-doh!  amazing! 
one of the kids who came actually is a classmate of josiahs!  so that was fun to get to play with and know this family a little more outside of class!

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