Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Oh So Beautiful Miao ladies!

Evie Joy here is pants-less since we actually ate lunch at one Miao family's house and she spilled water or something all over outfit #1, then peed on outfit #2 and so um, that was all we had packed! So we got a lot of parenting advice that she wasn't wearing enough clothes :)  But, still wanted to get this cute shot with the green bean seller!
Oh how we loved seeing all the beautiful Miao ladies when we visited our old hometown!  Each different type of head-covering they wear represents which village they are from and thus which dialect they speak! We took a few opportunities and got our pictures taken with some different ladies for keepsake!

towel hat cucumber seller!

flower head apricot seller!

Some more sewing ladies!  They would get so tickled to have the kids get their picture with them!

Love these ladies- wearing their flowers, got their shovels in case someone hires them this particular day but in the meantime they'll sew up something beautiful! 

sewing ladies- they are all from the same area but have a few cute options as hats- trend setters!
hope you enjoyed a little dose of our minority town fun! 

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Mimi and Poppe Rymer said...

Love the pictures of you both with the Miao ladies & people!!! You are very sweet to take those pictures for us!!!