Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy Children's Day 2012!

Beautiful Evie Joy was a little afraid of the very loud music!

Mommy and I danced with my class together- here is an aftershot!

Josiah LOVES singing and dancing!  He's been practicing "Mama ting wo shuo...." everyday for weeks!

Josiah and Evie Joy were apparently in some fashion show event!

They had no idea what they were doing :)  I think they were team Hawaii?!  They wanted Jo to wear no shorts and EJ nothing underneath...but we are a little modest for the Preschool Fashion Show I suppose!

Sorry this is blurry- it is the only one of her looking somewhat happy!

Check out the girl in the white- her outfit is made of paper cups!

Love this picture of my Hula kids! 
This guy was a cupid made of cds?!  oh dear!

trying to get his sissy to dance with him!

i think Evie Joy has a little more stage fright or maybe just really loud music fright than Josiah! :)

here she is swinging her hips a little!

Happy 2012 Children's Day!  Hopefully soon we'll have our dancin video posted!  Yippie! 

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Mimi and Poppe Rymer said...

What a fun day!!! You both look so cute!!!