Thursday, June 2, 2016

Some Second and Third Grade Stuff!

 I do not remember what Josiah was doing in this picture…he was doing School because there is his notebook on the bed…but he sure is cute!
 Evie Joy was the dribbling champ at PreSchool!

 Isn't EJ the cutest Sweetie doing her Math?!
 Josiah has been loving and doing GREAT at 3rd Grade Math on the Computer!
 MiMi sent them a make craft projects out of junk book! They love it!
 EJ Preschool craft!
 We were "blocking" Elijah from attacking our School books! ha!
 A child between 2-3 Grade is suppose to be able to climb a pole!

 They dressed as Japanese soldiers!

 Josiah had to draw a map and explain how to get somewhere…he drew from our house to the Preschool in our apt complex!  He actually did quite a good job on his map and directions!
 I loved this letter he wrote Evie Joy!
 Our friend Duo Jia still comes once a week.  We study a story together and do a few other things in English and Chinese! 

 Some of Josiah's journal entries for 3rd Grade!

 Memorizing Psalm 8!
 Cuties even with messy good morning hair!

 For Science they made an arm with joints so it could bend, but then for fun they wanted to keep putting together all their robots body parts! They did a great job! And had fun! 

 They have been doing really well on retelling the Bible story in Chinese! 

 We took our fingerprints for Science! 

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Mimi and Poppe Rymer said...

YOU GUYS ARE LEARNING SOOOOO MUCH! You stay so busy with friends and school and playing that you must be really tired every night. Mimi and Poppe are very proud of you. We really like how you help take care of the littles and teach them stuff and help them when they need it. We love you!