Thursday, June 2, 2016

Elijah 10 months!

ha ha he was cracking me up here, that face…but he really does like pancakes!
he was loving some local corn, fried rice and chicken!
he loves cruising along the gate and likes playing in the tents

here he is eating baozi for breakfast, some local steamed bread with meat and veggies inside

cute little sleeper!
hanging out at the airport...

choo chop…through villages!

cute little guy with a black eye thanks to Judah knocking his eye with the arm rest on the plane!

i like these muffins too!
hanging out with Mommy in the sling!

chowing down on some corn for dinner!

love those sweet little chunky fingers
loves to pull up and practice standing and taking 2 steps!

i asked Josiah to go play with him, didn't actually mean climb in the bed but cute nonetheless ha!

sweet sweet baby!  he is growing up! loves his Mommy around but definitely likes exploring rather than being held!  He has began looking at books which is fun! He also plays with magnets off the frig! He likes yogurt, but still won't drink from any sort of cup! He says Da Da a lot, he says Ma Ma some! He still enjoys buggy rides! And loves music, will clap his hands and shake his head and bounce! 

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