Sunday, June 26, 2016

Happy Happy 11 months Elijah!

 he's taking 3-5 steps! 
 this month he began enjoying climbing in the rides and riding them some! 

 he's climbing on/into lots of things! 
 he's not loving buggy rides but here he did take a snooze!
 we have taken the walker outside a free times and that has been more fun than using it indoors!

 he absolutely loves playing in tents!

 it's been hitting 90 so we've been playing water! 

 love his hair do! ha! 

 check out those dirty legs and feet! 
 he looks so big here!

 he will drink a tiny bit out of the straw cup but mostly just drinks mommy milk still

 Judah is learning how to be more gentle and how to be a Big Brother! 

 he loves climbing into this red bucket!
 he naps and sleeps really well in his bed so traveling for a week threw him off a bit but overall he did great adjusting to naps on the go and night sleeping in the tent!

 isn't this the coolest luggage cart ever?! 

 WE visited 2 orphanages and the kids loved Elijah! He loved them too!

 He climbed and did the entire playground!

 he was a big hit at the airport too!

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