Tuesday, March 1, 2016

SCHOOL!!! Finishing up 1st and 2nd Grade!

 I love that Evie Joy writes little songs like this one above!
 We finally learned most of the United StateS! :)
 Jo learning while taking a breathing treatment
EJ at local Preschool, she is just repeating the oldest class because she wants to!

 EJ made these for her teachers for Christmas! 
 thought Josiah looked so handsome here!
 something she made at Preschool?
 hard at work figuring out Math!

 lost a tooth?!  ahhh
 EJ is awesome with Judah at Preschool! The teachers send me videos daily!

 Evie Joy loves looking up stuff in the dictionary! 
 I love this verse she wrote!

 more Math!

 I love my awesome project wall! 
 EJ is making lesson plans for babysitting!
Josiah is writing a script for his LA lesson…
and they've now been making up all sorts of plays and news broadcast these days, ti's fun! 

 This was our Window on the World prayer meeting with the baby!

 Evie Joy has been all about playing Preacher these days! 

 cutest Zebra learner! 

 they love reading Missionary biographies, Jo has been re-reading George Muller! 

EJ made decorations for Daddy's birthday! I love this! 

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Mimi and Poppe Rymer said...

Lots of learning and fun going on in your world! You guys are going to be so smart!!!