Friday, March 4, 2016

Cute Baby Songs

Sometimes i forget the 4th time around to record all the fun day to day sweetness of our baby…I don't want to forget that we have a couple fun songs
Daddy always sings "Duppie Duppie Doo" and Elijah just brightens up and giggles, it is precious…so now we all sing this so we can get the same reaction and he still loves it!
Also, Mommy songs for baby 4 haven't been as unique and sentimental but our 2 I sing to him for some reason are "I love my ba-by, yes I do!" and from him about me "I love my Mommy, yes I do!" and sometimes I replace it with "I love my Mommy milk!" ha, because well he does!
So, nothing super creative going on here, but hopefully a little memory jotted down for our sweet baby Elijah who enjoys our songs although deep lyrics are lacking at this point!

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