Thursday, March 17, 2016

8 months old!

 Here is sweet Elijah not feeling great…he definitely seems to be teething although no teeth have actually shown up yet! 

 I love this sweet baby face!
 Learn to stand and crawl at the same time!  He is so impatient!

 I love this sweet baby face falling asleep on my lap!

 he enjoyed some pizza crust ha! 
 My friend took these and well i thought he looked like such a big boy!

 isn't he so super cute here?! 

 Love, Love, Love this sweet face here! 

 Cutest Crawler Ever!

 still love buggy rides with my Mom! 

 tea party with EJ! 

 Happy Smiley Guy! Love him! Love his giggles! He loves to be out!

 He loves to eat paper, oh my!

 trying and enjoying eating some Muslim noodles! 
Elijah is awesomely sleeping 12-13 hours a night straight! Amazing! Love this!  He is becoming quite the eater as you can see!  Those teeth are coming slowly!  He is getting around, crawling room to room, zooming in his walker, pulling up!  He's so sweet and friendly!  Loves to play with his brothers and sisters!  Loves other kids too, has a little friend a couple months older that he learns skills from, ha!

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Mimi and Poppe Rymer said...

Thank you for sharing all these with us!! Our little fella is growing up already! What a precious smile! Love that the bigs take such good care of him.