Sunday, October 18, 2015

judah 26 months and counting

I wanted to jot down some updates about my Judah since turning 2…
He is full of energy, smiles, determination,
sweet big brown eyes and curls
loves to wrestle and dance…
reminds us so much of Josiah at that age! 
He loves his family, he has learned to say everyones name and he is so proud of himself!
He says quite a lot these days! Turning 2 he only said a few sounds of words.  He was mostly exposed to Chinese before coming to the states for the Summer.  But now, after being in the states for a few months he can say: Mommy, Daddy, Bro Bro, Rarr Rarr (EJ), Poppe, MiMi, car, bye bye, milk, eat, baby, apple, night night, bath, nana, mint, grapes, outside, NO NO, God, pray, love, me, you, big…I think that is about it, i may have forgotten a few, but he is doing much better in just 3 months time!
He also says most of the song "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes"! He loves to practice singing it with at the motions, just precious! And he loves to say "Beep, Beep" about everything!  HIs constant Beep Beep cracks us up!  We love his fun full of life little personality developing!  He has definitely transitioned to being a Daddy's boy! Guess that is natural but sometimes I miss all the cuddles! 

Judah loves all things that move, cars, trucks, trains...

 He will sit for a few minutes and work on some projects…not long! ha! 

 He is very social! This is him playing with Sunny!

 Judah loves to play with babies.  He often puts his baby in all the real baby items- swings/seats, wants me to hold and feed his baby!  

 Judah made this at VBS, i think it is a fire…Daniel and the fiery furnace story…i think it is cute, we have it framed on the wall! 

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