Sunday, October 18, 2015

Elijah 2-3 months overload!

 I love this one of him, full little cheeks! 
And below, he loves being outside in the sling! 

 split pants are so confusing to us but we had to take a picture wearing them for keepsake…
they were gifted from a local friend! 

 Exercising with Mommy! 

 Evie Joy is teaching me something!?! ha…
I have enjoyed sitting in this bath seat because I don't have a real bouncy seat, ha! but it works for now!

 Love this little smile!

 Big eyes!
Below, smiling at my brother!

 Enjoying the Bumbo! 
 Love his super smile! 
He has the most precious coos 
just love them! 
my heart melts!

 Above, he is talking to me!
 Love his sleepy faces! and poses! 
It is such a struggle…i want to just hold him and stare at his sweet sleepy faces but then i need to attempt to get a few things accomplished while he is so content!  
He is precious and I can't believe he is already 3 months! 
I know once these sedentary months pass by he isn't going to want to be held much longer and nursing isn't going to be as enjoyable and favored as it is now…i try to remember to thank God daily for the time i have with him now, that all seasons are gifts and precious!  

 Just this week, hitting 3 months we have tried out the buggy a couple times to pick up brother from Preschool!  He has liked it, only a 10 minute walk so far!  Mostly we stick with the sling! But glad he seems to like the buggy!  Usually around 4 months we transition to more buggy time, walks and jogs!  

 Oh and how precious this week he has fallen asleep playing on the floor! I love him!

 I think this was showing his cute baseball bootiees! 
 I love these! Josiah was doing School work and heard him fussing so he said he was "distracting him"! ha…it works though…Josiah has some good distracting techniques! 

 And one day he was so sweet sitting on my lap rocking…we got a few shots!

gotta love Evie Joy being so sweet reading to him! 
He loves sitting in the sun in the School room!

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