Saturday, October 24, 2015

2nd Semester First and Second Graders...

 Evie Joy loves reading! Here, she is reading to Elijah!

 Evie Joy drew this bird and construction truck, i think they are cute!
 And some kind of decorative glasses/goggles…possibly a church in AM project?!

 Jo drew this on a paper bag, I thought it was cute and wanted a pic for keepsake before ditching it!
 Okay her braids and Yankees shirt have nothing to do with School, she is just cute here in Daddy's 1st grade baseball shirt!
 Josiah was suppose to practice his adjectives about something!  He choose China.  He complied a pretty long list and choose 12 to create a sentence with!  I think his examples are excellent!
 Above Josiah is diligently working on "Life of Fred" supplement Math while at the doctors.  
Below, him working at his desk!

 Above, Josiah reading the Bible story
Below, Evie Joy working on facts…we swing to fact songs these days!

 Josiah's Chewbacca…he found a book with this craft in it and made it! I thought he did a pretty good job!
Evie Joy working hard a her desk!  
She always has a gazillion things out!  

You can't see this real well…it is EJ's pic to-graph of families she knows, how many kids in each family…1,2,3 or 4…as you can see we know  A LOT of families with 1 kid! ha! )

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Mimi and Poppe Rymer said...

I so love how much you are learning and how much fun you have learning it!