Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Our Christmas! Ending 2014 with a bang!

 Okay so 2 of 3 are pretty cute here haha…this is from our hotel Christmas party, lots of dancing and singing fun!

 These are from our Christmas Eve, we spent some time singing carols and shared some of what we have been learning with our friends who come over to study in English/Chinese!

 love her little cheeks here!

WE got this basketball hoop for Christmas!  Our friend Zhang Xin Yue likes it too!

 Christmas morning, opening our gifts from MiMi and Poppe!  WE have no idea what this Santa hype is all about!  We have a MiMi and Poppe !  They rock!

 4 American friends came to visit us for Christmas!  They gave us some special gifts!  A hawk eye and EJ a Barbie !

 Judah was so excited about his farm! He also got this zoo that the Chinese college friends really like to play with, ha too funny!

 Ninja outfits haha, EJ said oh i know what this is, what you wear when you are cooking, ha!

 more from Christmas eve!  They are all mixed up but it's okay!  I don't think the kids are gonna care about that!

 Sharing what we've been learning in Chinese!

 WE had a kid party with kids who come over for English every weekend!
 Judah pretty much ate all the popcorn haha!

 We loved playing in the fake snow Mommy made for us!  All week !

 Decorating cookies with our friends Tao and Zhang Xin Yue who came over to celebrate Christmas with us !
 our friends and us in front of the tree on Christmas!
 our family Christmas 2014 Josiah 7, Evie Joy 5 and Judah 17 months!
 Kiddos on Christmas morning!

 EJ learned to dunk!

 Christmas dinner!
 handsome Judah!

 making cookies party!

doing a jig at the Joy School celebration at the park! 

the crowd around Judah, agh!
3 cuties all looking! 

 Here is EJ making the cookies for her class!  Josiah also made one for the friends we invited on Christmas day but he wasn't as into it as EJ ha!  And Judah of course tried haha, posted pics on his 17 months post!
bottom…Evie Joy shared the Christmas story with her class all in Chinese!  She did a great job!
And she made them all cookies and pictures and gift bags!

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Mimi and Poppe Rymer said...

Oh my goodness! What a wonderful time you had celebrating Jesus' birthday!! I love the crafts. Y'all did a great job! I mostly love all the smiles!! Love it that you are sharing Jesus' love with your friends there!
Love you all!