Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Crafts!

 WE made little grinches!
 Salt hand and foot ornaments!  Above, Judah's hand and foot, below EJ feet!

 Judah's foot
 Josiah made 8 Ninja turtle hands!  They turned out so cute!
He also made a couple other paper bag turtles i didn't picture and put them in stockings.  They each bought gifts and wrote cards for everyone in our family and put them in the stockings!  They were so excited about this!  And EJ even made a bag for Happy Birthday Jesus and they wrote things they were thankful for in the bag!
 EJ working on snowman fingers!

 Evie Joy's Mistletoes!
 Evie Joy's manger hands!
 Josiah's one foot tall tree!

 Josiah's manger hands!
 Josiah and Judah's Santa hands!

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