Thursday, December 18, 2014

Judah 17 months ahhhh!

 Judah loves him some kitchen fun!  He has no real idea what he is doing, but it looks so exciting and fun he just has to do it!  Here he is pretending to make Gingerbread cookies ha!
 cheesy smile…he is beginning to color, mostly likes to take the caps on and off ha!
but i am very proud of him for only coloring where Mommy says he can!
 Judah gets so excited about the tree! He loves to just sit and look at it!  He will point and say tree! And smile real big!  It's so sweet!

 cheesy marker smile!
 Judah at the rock park in his cute MD sweatsuit! 
 Judah loves to wrestle!  Brother and Sister are so sweet to him! 
 And he's gotten to be such a big boy and he loves to fly on the swing!
 He's loving mandarin oranges! 
And yogurt!  He doesn't love to drink plain milk but he will drink yogurt or mixed with milk! 
We are finally back down to 2 Mommy milks a day!

 He loves a bath! And it's so fun with Sissy!
Of course she doesn't like it when I pee ha!
 Judah was excited about playing with a few ornaments while the big kids decorated the tree!
 These are blurry but it is 2 am and he was so into the tree!

 He loves his brother and sister! He is very social!  He loves people to come over, to be out with people! But he hates hats and gloves, ugh in the cold! He talks all the time but we mostly have no idea what he is talking about.  Daddy talks to him mostly in Chinese so he understands many basic words in both English and Chinese.  He knows the signs for change diaper, eat, more, all done, sleep, play…He is so cute, he will point up if you say God…and if you sing anything he will dance, it's adorable, he loves music so I sing to him almost all day about anything and everything. 
 Into a box here! ha
 below, scrubbing the floor!  He loves to clean, ha!
He loves to play shop, takes the play shopping cart into the kitchen and puts craisons in his cart, ha! He is all about craisons!  He loves play kitchen utensils, he played with the same 2 for 5 straight days, it was so funny! We had to measure him…he was 75 or so cm… This month has really been nice with Judah because he is beginning to understand so much more and communicate a little even if not a ton verbally and he will play even by himself, it is such a refreshing turn! He is so sweet and friendly…lots of hugs and kisses and smiles! And he absolutely loves his Daddy…he runs and gets so giggly when Daddy gets home! It's so sweet! And he loves playing with his Brother and Sister…although we are in the middle of collectively trying to teach him the NO DUMP concept with toys…poor brother and sister have to pick up so much after him! Oh yes, and he has begun self feeding with a spoon/fork…It is a bit messy and confusing but he is very stubborn and likes to keep trying/practicing…he is all about that turn the spoon over when inserting it into mouth phase so he doesn't get a lot of food into his mouth at this time but he's learning!

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Mimi and Poppe Rymer said...

AWH! Our little buddy is growing up.