Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Sweetie Princess is 4 Years OLD!

 Evie Joy started the day by making her own birthday brownie cake!  
She loved it!  She was so sweet and thankful for every little detail "Oh Mommy thank you for that cool Star Wars tablecloth!"
She choose to go swimming at the big hotel in our city.  There were only about 5 other people there so it was very peaceful and fun!  

Judah even got in for a bit!  Evie Joy loved that! 
 Then she choose dinner and ice cream at Dicos, a fast food chicken place with a little playground and below, dancing! 

 We came home and unwrapped a few gifts, some Mega Blocks and Star WArs shirt!  Again, she was super thankful- love her sweet heart!  
Love my sweet little girl!  Had so much fun with her on her special day!

 Blowing out her candle and then she was excited to cut her own cake! Ha, should have seen the piece she cut for brother! 
Evie Joy has been growing and learning so much these days!  I am especially proud of what a wonderful big sister she is. She loves to help with baby Judah.  She sings to him and puts lotion on him., rocks him, she helps give him a bath.  She is so excited when he does anything with us as a family.   She is such a good helper.  She helps bag and weigh all the fruits and veggies at the store/market.  She loves to help sort and clean around the house.  And she is now sleeping on the top bunk!  Wow!  She is growing so much as a woman of prayer.  LIke today, she said Mommy I prayed for the bus to come and it did!  I love that about her!  She would pray for Big Daddy everyday and then when Poppe was sick she prayed over him too.

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