Wednesday, August 21, 2013

ABC's Attributes of God Study!

We have been studying about the Worth and Greatness of God- a Children's study from Desiring God.  The kids understand as the True things about God study! 
We love how Evie Joy says 'Incomprehensible" ha!  
It is awesome though how she explains what it means- that we can only understand a little about God. 
I've enjoyed hearing the children recite over and over the many truths about God in the lessons that we did!  

 Yawah- He is Lord!
Glorious- He is the Greatest and Worth the Most!
Eternal- No beginning and No end!
Creator- He created the heavens and the earth. He spoke and it was.
Wise- He always does what is right!
Almighty- All the might and power!
Attentive- He is always watching!
Sovereign- Does what He wants!
Self- Sufficient- Doesn't need any help!
Faithful- If He says it, He will do it!
Understanding-Knows we are weak!

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