Friday, August 23, 2013

JUDAH 1 month!

 Judah turned one month August 16- we went for a doc visit a few days early since we were getting ready to leave the country!  He was almost 11 pounds already at his visit!
 I am trying to get sweet Judah to enjoy his paci- sometimes he tries it out!
 I cannot take enough sweet sleeping baby pics!  i love those cheeks!

 This is Judah on his first adventure flying!  He did great on the planes- 4 total- he just did not like security or lines in the airports!  lots of screaming there!  Here is he sleeping on a little head pillow!
 He is super chunk looking baby here!  oh my goodness!

 I think he looks so big - like 4-6 months size here!  I just can't believe how my tiny infant is so big already- sad for Mommy!  but i still enjoy my snuggles!

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