Friday, December 28, 2012

From Josiah's Heart

Josiah has been praying the most sincere prayers lately which include "Thank you God that Mommy and Daddy are not arguing!" We aren't sure if this means at one time we were arguing or if he is just being thankful that we don't argue? But hey it's nice to have my 5 year old sincerely praying from his heart! For us this is a huge change just this past month- he has gone from reciting prayers to actually praying about real and relevant and important matters in his own words and thoughts.  We love this!

Also, he came running out of class last week and said "Mommy all of my classmates and my teachers do believe in the true God now!"  It was very 'tiny tim' ish and sweet.  I (We) tried explaining to him that just because we love and care for people doesn't make them believe in the true God, we keep loving and praying for them, that they truly will believe.  It is hard for him to understand that those he cares for and are kind and care for him don't believe.  

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