Friday, December 28, 2012

Evie Joy cracks me up!

I said Thank you God that Evie Joy is such a good helper
Evie Joy said in reply "Your welcome! I created the whole world" in a very deep loud voice. I giggled and said you are so funny. She said "No, Mom, I'm Jesus" seriously!

She was upset I was laughing about the situation.  

Then she was dressing Panda in her room this week and I went in her room to check on her.  I said "Are you ok?"
She replied "Yes, but I'm needing someone to leave me alone!"

OH dear, she is only 3!
Also, she recently watched Snow White in the states- she loves the drawfs and walks around pretending to be one of them saying "Hi Ho..."  Well, this Christmas season, she'd put her Santa hat on her say "Hi Ho, Hi HO"  It was so funny!  Josiah would try to correct her but i just let her be- it was too cute! 

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