Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas in China 2012!

 Josiah 5 and Evie Joy 3 so excited after decorating the Christmas Tree!  It is a little over crowded on the bottom but we just left it that way :)
 At the Christmas party beside the Gift Tree with Joey the dog! 

Josiah helped give out gifts!
Evie Joy helped the guitar class with their performance

 AT 6 AM - Josiah woke us all up by falling out of bed and had a huge bruise on one of his cheeks
They do look super cute in their fleece footed pj's!
Opening gifts- since they went shopping with Big Daddy and already opened gifts at MiMi and Poppe's, they only had 3 small gifts to open- but they were very thankful for them- they each got a puzzle, Wii Kid's Dance 2 and finger puppets to share, Jo got plush super heros and EJ got a few new books for her Tag Reader
 our America friends came over for Breakfast, we read the story, sang carols, acted out the play, then watched lots of Christmas movies!
 our Chinese friends came over for dinner and we played Wii Dance 2 together!  We were super warn out from such an incredibly long 2 days but we did have fun! 

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Mimi and Poppe Rymer said...

Thanks for sharing all these pictures!! You've been very busy since you returned to you home! We miss you and love you, but seeing pictures of you so happy makes us happy!!!