Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Josiah turns 9 Part Two!

 Birthday morning- loved army men
Star Wars theme!

 He choose to go to the Rock Park to play on his birthday!

Evie Joy helped him put some of his new legos together!

 We saved some cookies to make and decorate with friends who came over the next weekend! 
We didn't' have an official party because the gifts and brining extra friends can get quite stressful, so Jo just decided to have a family plus Scott party and then have some birthday treats during a playtime!

 I don't know why the pictures are mixed up but here is back to birthday morning!

Happy Birthday to my Big Brother! 

 they were like Mommy take a pic of all 4 of us, but it was/is kinda blurry!

 Elijah 16 months, EJ 7, Judah 3 plus, Jo 9
 Elijah was all about hugging EJ, it was sweet!

 Judah got in on some hug action!

 Army men & Legos!
 Balloons & Inflatables! 

 EJ built him a ship too!
 Starwars Brownie Cake! Yum & Fun!
 I think Daddy was pretend singing Happy Birthday here!

 Love you Josiah! Happy Happy Birthday!

 We played pin some sticker on Star Wars something! 

 I think Evie Joy won?! 

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Mimi and Poppe Rymer said...

Fun, fun, fun!!! Rock climbing was a great idea! Everybody could participate :) You are so thoughtful, Josiah!