Monday, December 19, 2016

Elijah 17 months old!

This pretty much sums up by 15th month of life haha!
Above, I have learned to sit and/or stand in the toddler chair and participate in some sort of organized activity! Above, I am assisting Mom in storying! 

 I enjoyed exploring on the bus ride to the village...
 I had pretty college girls wanting to take my picture

 i loved playing with a water cup
i played some football...

 I explored some rice patties
and saw my favorite, ducks!  I love to "Quack, Quack!"

 i finally knocked out when it was sweet potato picking time! 
 love these sweet sleeping baby pics!

 this is me getting into trouble at home haha…
i like to wave bye bye at the gate
and say no no with a hand smack at the tv, ha!

 this is me at Judah's Preschool Thanksgiving.  It was soooo cold! 
 Mommy thought i was so cute stacking blocks across the room

 We went swimming in these warm/hot pools and i took a nap at a random McCafe...
 i love YoYo's red bag, ha!

 sitting with my big Brothers on the bus!
 Daddy's hat! 
 they tried to keep me away from the tree decorating! 

 I am so cute doing puzzles! 

 I love running around outside! The trees are finally turning here now that it's December, ha! 
 I enjoyed a sucker with Judah! I think we were watching Zhi Hui Shu! I love that show, it's a Chinese Preschool show, they sing and dance and play games! I like Elmo ABC's, Thomas! 
I love to say "Choo Choo!" I will watch a little BOZ! 
 Did i say i really like trees?!  This is Scott's tree, it's just my size!

 I love to play with empty water bottles, put the cap on and off and pretend to drink! 

 me & Brother hanging out! 

 I love to play peek-a-boo with the curtain! 

 I prefer to feed myself…i do a pretty decent job for 15 months! 

 Some chair activities, i tell you I can really learn some stuff well these days, ha! 

 My Brothers & sister are so sweet to me! 
Below, I love to stick my tongue out, ha…an attempt to get a pic!

 I think i was suppose to be Yoda here! 
I love to play tea party with EJ
I love goldfish crackers & raisons
I love to hang out the window and look for huge rats
I love to tackle with Daddy & brothers! 
I like to take baths & dance!
When i wake up in the morning I say "Eat, Eat!"
I say "Xie, Xie" which means thank you in Chinese
I can say Mama, but don't often
I like to say "DAAAA-DEEE!"
I am beginning to say Judah
I love to practice animal sounds
Baa, Moo, Oink/Snort, Wolf, Roar, Quack…
i like to crawl around and act like animals
& play dress up with my brothers & sister
Happy 15 months old to me! 

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